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Driver - Code 10

Advert Ref: VC0221

Job Title: Code 10 Driver

Area: Warehouse Department

Position Type: Full-Time

Weekly Hours: 40 Hours

Time Conditions: Day Shift

Salary: R8,800 - R25,000

Closing Date: 28 March 2022


The driver is responsible for providing a safe and reliable bus service and for transporting employees to and from

work. He or she will also perform work related errands as requested, and transport employees to field trip

locations as assigned. He or she will establish an effective rapport with employees and will be responsible to ensure

all passengers on the mini bus follow mandated procedures.


• Matric Graduation Certificate

• Code 10 Driver’s License

• Valid Public Driving Permit

• Able to proficiently read, write and speak English


• Prior experience driving a mini bus, preferably a work mini bus

• An ability to communicate well with employees and staff


• A positive attitude and strong interpersonal skills

• Strong organizational and time management abilities

• A committed team player with the ability to take initiative


• Transport employees from home to work and from work to home

• Drop employees only at authorized stops

• Perform work related errands

• Obey all traffic laws

• No driver will report to work or drive a mini bus while under the influence of alcohol

• Be at the mini bus 15 minutes before departure from work, or before a field trip

• Be attentive to the traffic and weather conditions, stay on schedule and ensure the safety of passengers.

• Uphold a positive image of the Work by applying good and safe driving habits

• Wear the company issued uniform which identifies the driver as a company employee

• Ensure that the mini bus is in good operating condition by testing the brakes, tires, lights and other

components, complete the pre-trip inspection on a daily basis, and submit it to the Transport Manager

• Ensure that the driver travels with the company issued cellphone, and that the phone is fully charged

• Ensure that the bus is washed twice a week, inside and outside, and sweep the bus and empty the bins


• Notify the Transport Manager in case of mechanical failure or lateness

• Ensure all seatbelts are in working condition before leaving the Work Place

• Ensure that all passengers have their seatbelts fastened before moving the mini bus, and maintain rules of

conduct, and respond to emergencies.

• Keep assigned mini bus in a clean condition and ensure it gets washed twice a week

• Notify the Transport Manager if you are running late

• Notify the Transport Manager if there are any route deviations

• Transport only authorized employees

• Maintain discipline when employees are on the mini bus

• Report undisciplined employees to the Transport Manager

• Keep track of the number of employees on the mini bus, and ensure that all employees are delivered to work and

back to their home safely. The bus should be parked in a safe manner, and no student should cross the

road to board or exit the mini bus.

• No music is permitted to be played while there are employees on the mini bus.

• Drive the mini bus for work fieldtrips

• Work overtime if required

• Report minor and major accidents and complete required reports

• Complete diesel and oil log when filling the mini bus with petrol

• Ensure that his/her PDP and Code 10 driver’s license is valid at all times.

Victor Crescent Construction provides equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants for employment and prohibits discrimination and harassment of any type without regard to race, colour, religion, age, sex, national origin, disability status, genetics, protected veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or any other characteristic protected by federal, state or local laws.

Driver - Code 10: Services
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