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Certified Professionals Here to Serve You

Our industry requires dedication and experience, and we’re lucky to have some of the top professionals on board. Our team of licensed experts helps make sure everything is done efficiently and up to code. From the beginning stages to the final outcome, we work closely with our clients to guide them through every step of the process. Get to know the experts behind our business.

OUR TEAM: Our Team
Johan Van Heerden


Chief Executive Officer

A ChiefExecutive Officer (CEO) is the highest-ranking executive in Victor Crescent,whose primary responsibilities include making major corporate decisions,managing the overall operations and resources of Victor Crescent Construction, actingas the main point of communication between the board of directors (The Board) and corporate operations andbeing the public face of the Victor Crescent Construction. 

Richard Van Wyk


Senior Engineer

The role of a SeniorEngineer at Victor Crescent is Developing software solutions by studyinginformation needs; conferring with users; studying systems flow, data usage,and work processes; investigating problem areas; following the softwaredevelopment lifecycle.

Rui Goliath


Contracts Director

The role of a Contracts Directorat Victor Crescent is to be in charge of negotiating, maintaining, and updatingcommercial contracts. Establishes contacts with outside businesses and developcontracts that meet the financial and professional goals of Victor CrescentConstruction.

Lara du Toit

Human Resources Manager

The role of a Human Resources(HR) Manager at Victor Crescent is to be a overseers of the human resourcesdepartment and insurers of the functions and tasks being carried out by the HRteam. Providing consultation on strategic planning with top executives torecruiting, interviewing, and hiring new staff.

Joyce Ndaba

Deputy Human Resources Manager

The role of a Deputy Human Resources(DHR) Manager at Victor Crescent is for the smooth and profitable operation of VictorCrescent’s human resources department. Supervise and provide consultation tomanagement on strategic staffing plans, compensation, benefits, training anddevelopment, budget, and labour relations.

Alex Viljoen

Human Resources Coordinator

The role of a Human Resources(HR) Co-Ordinator at Victor Crescent is to oversee issues related toemployment, compensation, labour negotiations, and employee relations. Oftenfocused on improving HR policies, processes, and practices and recommendingchanges to HR management. 

Patrick Manzi

Recruiting Officer

The role of a Recruiting Officerat Victor Crescent is to recruit, support, train, place employees of VictorCrescent Construction and also including overseeing performance reviews andmaintaining employee records.

Tereza de la Harpe


Financial Director

The role of a Financial Directorat Victor Crescent is overseeing all financial activities, reporting onrevenue, training accounting staff, budgeting, disbursing funds to departments,managing risk, implementing policies, and improving financial processes.

Lenore Krynauw


Procurement Manager

The role of aProcurement Manager at Victor Crescent is approving purchase orders andorganizing and confirming delivery of goods and services. Performing riskassessments on potential contracts and agreements.

Munashra Hiralal


Logistics Director

The role of aLogistics Director at Victor Crescent is to managesoperations for our Company’s entire supply chain. This includeslogistics planning, warehouse and inventory management, budgeting, carrier relationshipmanagement, staffing, and continuous optimization of logistics operations.

Tasneem Govender


Procurement Specialist

The role of aProcurement Specialist at Victor Crescent is researching new suppliers, ensuring that all purchasedproducts and materials meet our specifications, and negotiating with vendors asneeded.

Wilhelm Joubert


Sales & Marketing Manager

The role of a Marketing Managerat Victor Crescent is developing, implementing and executingstrategic marketing plans for an entire Construction Company in orderto attract potential customers and retain existing ones.

Selisha Naicker


Marketing Advisor

The role of a MarketingAdvisor at Victor Crescent is analyzing the marketing strategies of ourConstruction Company and evaluate its effectiveness within the marketcompetitiveness. Marketing Advisor develop promotional campaigns and enhancethe company's media presence to grow more audiences and improve the brand'simage.

Christina Laas


Financial Manager

The role of a Finance Manager at Victor Crescent is overseeing end-to-end finance operations, financial planning and analysis, balance sheet reconciliations, looking to make improvements to procedures and controls, as well as ad-hoc projects and requests as and when they come up.

Nonhlanhla Khuzwayo


Senior Secretary

The role of a SeniorSecretary at Victor Crescent is providing administrative and secretarialsupport to assigned administrative or department personnel; coordinatingactivities of assigned administrative personnel; monitoring assignedactivities; and providing information, recommendations and/or directions.

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